Ma Khin Café Classic Dishes


In this course we will teach you a selection of Ma Khin Café recipes:
  • Broccoli salad with lime mayonnaise. Perhaps it is the most demanded dish at Ma Khin Café; So much so that we have removed it from the menu to be able to give outlet to the other starters. Curiously, it is not a particularly Asian dish, although we give it a little touch that we reveal in the course.
  • Shrimp and lean rolls with sweet chili. You will succeed with these delicious and simple rolls. To lick your fingers!
  • Chaca of fish. Our chaca has its origins in Vietnamese cuisine from the French colonial era. Fish fillets marinated with yogurt, turmeric, dill and fried. A dish in the best Asian tradition, which combines ingredients to suit the taste of the diner
  • Duck Vindaloo. Our recipe has a long history, from the Goa of the Portuguese colonialists, through the Indian restaurants of England to Valencia. The best of decolonial food!

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