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Sustainability policy

Ma Khin Café, a restaurant whose menu offers an open vision of southeast Asian food, is built on a gastronomic foundation mixing Asian, British and Mediterranean cultures.

Our mission is to “produce cultural encounters through gastronomic experiences that foster our wellbeing and happiness as individuals and as a society”.

Sustainability is a key element at the very core of our culture, and our way of being and doing, aligning ourselves with the 2030 Agenda and contributing to its Sustainable Development Goals to the best of our ability.

We wish to do our bit to advance our way of eating in a sustainable fashion through a meeting between the gastronomic traditions and histories of other cultures. Ongoing innovation, research into the cultural roots of southeast Asia and the Mediterranean, locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients and produce, cooperation with their gastronomic references and the development of recipes that fuse other food cultures, as well as the reduction of residues, especially food waste and the care and respect for the environment, are all key to our Sustainability Model.

Our main goal is to contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of our customers, offering them high-quality and efficient service, friendliness and hospitality as critical and differential elements.

We pay particular attention to healthy nutrition as far as possible based on locally-sourced and sustainable produce.

We do our best to recruit talented people who share our values, with an emphasis on training and motivating our workforce. We foster inclusive policies, forming a diverse team not just in terms of gender, but also age, origins, culture and so on, with each person enriching the company with their professional and personal diversity.

We lend great value to new opportunities, such as the impact of digitization in the hospitality industry, at once promoting customer loyalty through the development of digital communities, innovating in our service.

In addition, we take great pains to share with society our profound insights into the food of southeast Asia and its elements of connection with Mediterranean culture, through cooking courses and other activities that drive our main goal: an encounter between cultures.

Stephen Anderson
June 2022

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