New cookery classes

sopa de woton - receta ma kin café - cursos cocina asiática en Valencia

It looks like we made the right decision when we recently brought back our cookery classes at Ma Khin Café. The resounding success of the three classes since last September has encouraged us to organize a full range of classes for 2023. We will get the new year off to a start on 14 January with one specifically focused on noodles. After all, there’s nothing like a bowl of won ton soup to warm you up on a cold winter’s day! It’s perfect for curing a cold or to counteract the effects of overindulgence during the holiday season. And Asian noodles are just as versatile as Italian pasta, and in this first class of the year we will show you how to prepare noodles in all shapes and forms: wheat and rice, dry, fried or in soup, and even stuffed.

Each month we will have a new class to motivate you to get into the kitchen and discover new recipes that mix Asian and Mediterranean ingredients. The first quarter of the year will be rounded off with Vegetarian Indian food and French influences in colonial Indochina. We will then continue from April to June with “Burma for Beginners”, “Thai Cooking” and “The Secrets of Fermented Foods”. All classes will conclude with a shared meal of the food we have just prepared, with ample time to exchange our stories and experiences of food and travel. Full information is available on our web/courses.

And if the kitchen is not your thing, why not give the gift of cookery classes to a loved one (even if it’s in your own self-interest!!). You’ll find gift vouchers in our online store, where you can also buy vouchers for lunch or dinner at our restaurant. And don’t forget our wonderful book “Burma: Food, Family and Conflict”, which tells the story of the final period of British colonialism in Burma through the memories of Grandy, my grandmother, whose life would make a fantastic Netflix series. The book also includes illustrated recipes from Ma Khin Café. Buy it now on our web and we’ll send it free of charge to any address in Valencia.

The month of December always flies by … So stay tuned for our special menus for New Year’s Eve and the Christmas period.

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Happy holidays. And see you soon!