Ma Khin receives the “S” for sustainability certificate from the Spanish Association for Tourism Quality

The Spanish Association for Tourism Quality has added Ma Khin Café to its list of businesses awarded the “S” for sustainability certificate. We are only the second restaurant in Spain to receive this acknowledgment. The certification recognises the steps we have taken in 2022 to comply with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), as reflected in our independently audited plan for sustainability.

We are only the second restaurant in Spain to receive the Certificate for sustainability “S” awarded by the Spanish Institute for Quality inTourism.

Ma Khin Café is a restaurant which fosters gastronomic encounters between different traditions. We believe that by sharing experience and know how we can contribute to improving our wellbeing and happiness as individuals and as a society. Sustainability is inseparable from this goal, and that’s why we want to work towards aligning ourselves with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

Ma Khin Café Model of Sustainability

Our Model of Sustainability is based on the following elements:

  • Ongoing innovation
  • Research into the cultural roots of southeast Asia and the Mediterranean, local and sustainable products and ingredients, cooperation with their gastronomic references
  • Development of healthy recipes that incorporate different gastronomic traditions
  • Reduction of residues, especially food waste
  • Care and respect for the environment

In terms of social and economic sustainability, we want to create a working environment in which our staff feel valued and motivated. Where they feel they are developing personally and professionally and are able to achieve a healthy balance between their work and their personal and family life. We wish to foster inclusive policies that enrich the company with staff, suppliers and customers that reflect the diversity of our society.

We welcome new opportunities, provided through technological innovation, and the development of digital communities. We share our knowledge of the food of southeast Asia and its positive impact on Mediterranean food culture through cooking courses offered to our community.

The “S” stamp of approval for Ma Khin Café’s commitment with sustainability and tourism quality

The Anthropocene (anthropo- ‘human’ and -cene ‘new’ or ‘recent’) is the first geological epoch whose name comes from a single species, whose activity defines its beginning and, very probably, will be the cause of its end. Not even the dinosaurs who ruled the Earth during the three epochs of the Mesozoic era had such a central role, as the reason for their disappearance was beyond their control. The mass extinctions produced by our agricultural and industrial activity are a call to action, and though whatever we do will be little in comparison with the damage we have done I have always believed that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

We are all obliged to commit to environment and to define the steps we are taking to reduce the impact of our activity. The “S” for sustainability certificate from the Spanish Association for Tourism Quality and, our inclusion in the Qualitur Quality Club of the Valencian Community is a step in the right direction. I am sure that there are other restaurants without this certificate that have done more than us in the field of sustainability, but, for us, this acknowledgment reminds us every day of our commitment to continue taking steps towards a more sustainable future..