Burma: Food, Family and Conflict


English edition / Paperback



How to get to know Myanmar, a country that until recently has been off limits for all but the briefest of visits. Burma: Food, Family & Conflict combines original historical research, family stories, and istinctive regional recipes to give a flavour of life and struggles from colonial Burma to contemporary Myanmar.

“A tiffin-time-capsule of the end of empire in Burma; an epic account told with relish (in this case, lime pickle and mango chutney) through the memories of a much-loved matriarch. Throw yourself into this exquisite culinary and historical adventure. Burma: for so long cast as a recipe for disaster but here, through the prism of one remarkable family, revealed as the golden land that it is, in a daringly original literary and epicurean triumph.”

Jonathan Miller
Asia correspondent, Channel 4 News.

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