Burmese cooking course in English: a unique experience in Valencia

curso de cocina birmana en inglés en Ma Khin Café Valencia

Last Saturday we held an English language version of our  Burmese cooking course  Spanish speaking participants were able to practice their English and share their enthusiasm for Burmese food with our English speaking guests.

Steve Anderson demonstrated how to prepare delicious dishes like the broken samosa salad, khao soi noodle soup, Burmese prawn curry and balacheung, the ubiquitous Burmese condiment. They discovered the particular tastes and flavours of the cooking of Steve’s great-grandmother, Ma Khin, and tips and techniques to prepare these dishes at home.

Sharing this cookery course was a wonderful experience and we sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. We know that some of you have already signed up for the next course.

The Decolonial Food philosophy, a Burmese cooking course in English

This course puts into practice our Decolonal Food philosophy. Sharing ideas, ingredients and good practices encourages the way we eat to evolve. Today’s interconnected world is the ideal setting for this concept. Here at Ma Khin Café, using locally-sourced produce, we adapt and transform dishes from other parts of the world. We take culinary practices and ingredients from faraway places to inspire, renew and reinterpret local recipes. Decolonial Food is not just about sharing culture, but also about looking after our planet, wellbeing, health and happiness.

Thank you to everybody who took part in the course. We will continue to offer courses in southeast Asian cooking in Valencia and we hope to keep fostering cultural diversity and sustainability in our kitchen.

Next course at Ma Khin Café: Fermented Foods

If you are passionate about southeast Asian food, we invite you to join us on our upcoming fermented foods course, where we will rediscover this age-old technique and share the secrets of our kombuchas. In addition, you will also learn to prepare kimchi, lime pickle and masala dosa.

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