December comes full of surprises

Menú Navidad Ma Khin Café

Dear Friends, December comes full of surprises. Here at Ma Khin Café we are all about meeting up and sharing. I’ve spent many years travelling around the world trying new food and then sharing it with you here in our restaurant. I’m convinced that the food and ingredients I’ve tried and the people I’ve met have been instrumental in the evolution of our menu.

Last October we held our first Decolonial Food event in which I showed some examples of how we adapt Burmese food to locally-sourced Mediterranean ingredients. The experience was a resounding success and encouraged me to explore another core facet of our Decolonial Food philosophy, namely, how to incorporate southeast Asian ingredients and cooking methods in typical local dishes from Valencia, respecting of course the traditions and culture of the place that I now call home.

New Decolonial Food experience

Next Tuesday 12th December I would like to invite you to taste some of the dishes we have developed after spending a truly memorable day this summer cooking in the home of Lolita Bellver, a mother, grandmother and fantastic Valencian home chef from Castelló, in Ribera Alta. It promises to be a fun evening full of surprises and a perfect opportunity to forge new friendships around a shared table whilst enjoying the special menu we’ll be serving after the presentation.

And speaking of encounters, the time is upon us once again for Christmas celebrations with family, friends and workmates. We have prepared a number of mouth-watering lunchtime and evening menus especially for the holiday period, from 18 December through until 7 January. And to bid farewell to the year and welcome in 2024, what better way than to spend New Year’s Eve than joing us for our New year’s Eve banquet, with live music from Dixie Jumble, the ensemble who have rung in the New Year with us over this past decade. You’ll find all the information on our webpage, where you can also book your table.

Finally, for anyone looking for an original gift, I would just like to remind you that in the online shop on our webpage you can purchase our book Burma: Food, Family and Conflict, as well as gift vouchers for the different menus and courses we offer throughout the year.

 Happy Holidays,