Steve Anderson invited guest chef in “Binnenstebuiten”, the populardutch cooking programme

This summer I had the pleasure to take part in the programmeled by Sharon de Miranda, one of the most popular chefs in the Netherlands and with a big international following thanks to her YouTube channel.

It was a very rewarding experience for us, as the programme was made within the framework of Floriade, the world’s biggest fair for sustainable flowers, plants, vegetables and fruits. The fact that I was invited to showcase some of our decolonial food dishes was a wonderful recognition for our ongoing work.

Steve Anderson in a special “Binnenstebuiten” as part of Floriade

Chefs and gastronomic experts from all over the world take part in @sharondemiranda’spopular programme, sharing their tips and recipes.

Organic cauliflower, orxataand ajoblanco

More specifically, we prepared a dish made with organic cauliflower from the Dutch farmer GerjanSnippe. Our dish consisted in making a recipe in which we use the whole cauliflower, including leaves and stems,which are usually discarded, a conscious decision to fight against food waste.

Interestingly, for both Sharon and her team the dish was completely new and surprising, as it contained ingredients they were totally unaware of, like tiger nut, a tuber closely associated with Valencia,which we used first to make orxata y and then ajoblanco. Once again, we showed our ability to fuse local ingredients (whether from Valencia or the Netherlands)in recipes inspired by food from other places. Our cauliflower baked in a clay pot with peanut satay and orxataajoblancocompletely wowed Sharon and her guests.

Take a look at the video (in English) and discover Sharon’sprogramme and see what fun we had. And, while you’re at it, you will discover a new recipe for making a delicious dish with cauliflower.

We will also take this opportunity to thank Visit Valencia for giving us this European and worldwideprojection.

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