Introducing our new website!

I can still remember when we launched the website for my first restaurant,SeuXerea, back in 1999. Two icons on the homepage led the few surfersof the time to our menu in English (an icon of Big Ben) and in Spanish (a bull, of course!). The information of the page was limited to the restaurant’s address, contact phone number and little else.

Ourweb was aimed at the tech nerds of the time,but the truth is that nobody came across SeuXereafor its ranking on the web nor on social media: after all, Mark Zuckerberg was just 15 years old and still hadn’t enrolled in Harvard. The web was a gift from my maître d’ at the time, Fernando Crespó. Back then, my marketing budget allowed for an advert in the Yellow Pages and a footer in CarteleraTuria. How the world has changed!

A few weeks ago, we launched our new (currently on trial period). At the moment, the web is our main showcase to the world, not just so that customers can know where we are and, of course, to book a table:they can also buy a gift voucher or a copy of our award-winning book Burma: Food, Family & Conflict. It also includes updated information of the courses and events we organize, with the possibility of booking your place with confirmation in real time.

Cursos de cocina Ma Khin Café 2022


It is also an open channel to contact thousands of customers who have chosen our newsletters to receive news in their inbox and join the Ma Khinfamily. If you still haven’t done so, I encourage you to sign up to our newsletterto keep abreast of all the latest on our events and courses.

Ma Khin y otros antepasados cocinero Steve Anderson


The new website collects the history of our restaurant

I wanted our new webpage to include the history behind the restaurant, with a brief summary of the life of Ma Khin, mygreat-grandmother, who gave her name to a restaurant whose mission is to celebrate the very meeting of cultures embodied in my family. You’ll find more information on this philosophy in the Decolonial food section, with some wonderful videos of our latest trip to Burma, an unforgettable experience. And if you still want to read more about our activities, take a look at the blog posts I have written over the years.


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My heartfelt thanks to all those who have made an input in this new webpage, and also to you, our customers and friends,for your support throughout all these years.

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With best wishes.

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