We launch a new menu: Autumn flavors are ready at Ma Khin Café

It should give us food for thought that, while sustainability was part and parcel of our grandparents’ DNA, we, their grandchildren, who grew up with so many conveniences, have to relearn to live in harmony with nature. And an awareness of the seasonality of fresh produce is part of that learning.

That’s why, now that autumn is upon us, with its long-awaited rain and the first nights of cold just around the corner, we are mindful of the change in products available in our local markets. Here, at Ma Khin Café, we are also adapting to the change in season and this month we are introducing a new menu with lots of changes.

At Ma Khin Café we adjust the offer to the seasons and launch a menu full of novelties

Our menu is the result of a crossover between Asian recipes and local produce. This year, autumn has been late in arriving and we still have to wait a little for the first artichokes, which we will combine with lime pickle that is already happily fermenting in our kitchen, wrapped in a warm blanket of spices and seasonings. And it is also time for saffron milk caps or red pine mushrooms, which we will be including in a tasty stir-fry with noodles and cashews. And when it comes to dessert, mangoes are giving way to quince, which we will serve with iced kombucha and red berries.

New Ma Khin Café menu: We incorporate vegan dishes

And we also have good news for vegans: our pumpkin, chickpea and spinach curry is hitting all the right buttons for those coming to us in search of tasty, healthy dishes. Because the change in season, apart from ushering in a change in ingredients, is also a good moment to order other kinds of dishes. That’s why we have brought back our celebrated khao swe, a warming Burmese noodle soup full of flavour, spicy, salty and aromatic with a touch of citric. This was the dish that briefly melted the ice between Ana Obregón and Antonia Dell’Atte during my five minutes of fame on MasterChef Celebrity.

More new options in the Ma Khin Café menu: we have perfected our masala dosa, a thin, crispy Indian crepe stuffed with spiced potatoes and served with our dahl and delicious coconut chutney. A perfect vegan and gluten-free choice. We have also recovered one of the most popular dishes from the much-missed Seu Xerea: Burmese suckling pig with five-spice sauce and celeriac puree. But be sure to leave room for our almond coulant with kumquat ice-cream. That’s if you can resist the temptation to fall into the old habit of ordering the rightly famous Ma Khin cheesecake…

And to go with the food, our kombuchas have also adapted to the change in season. Yuzu, pomegranate, clementine and orange are just some of the options, and all with a spicy tang. They are refreshing, slightly fizzy and with very low sugar and alcohol content. The perfect appetizer for lunch or dinner.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,