Eating in Valencia at Mercado de Colón: Why is Asian food finding favour with tourists and locals alike?

comida asiática en el mercado de colón de Valencia

If you happen to be in Valencia and would like to try something different, then this article is for you. Get ready to discover a unique dining experience at the Mercado de Colón. Today we’re taking you on a trip to southeast Asia via your taste buds.

A host of Asian flavours at Mercado de Colón in Valencia

Different cultures come to life at Mercado de Colón in the form of all kinds of dishes. Ma Khin Café has managed to bring together the best of Asian food in a menu with the personal signature of its chef-owner.

Ranging from Burmese curries to Sichuan stir-fries, Vietnamese fish or Indian thalis; each dish is a culinary gem coming from the age-old cultures of southeast Asia. It’s like having a passport straight to the food of each region, and all without leaving Valencia.

A local twist

What makes Ma Khin Café even more special is discovering how it fuses local ingredients in each Asian dish.

The freshness and high quality of locally-sourced Valencian and Mediterranean produce is combined with traditional recipes from India, Thailand, Burma, China, Vietnam, Laos… It is almost as if each bite contained the essence of our beautiful city, as it transports you on an unforgettable journey to Asia.

How did this come about? Thanks to our mission to serve Asian dishes made with locally-sourced produce and our commitment to sustainable management independently validated by the “S” for sustainability stamp.

A story of family, passion and rebellion in every dish

The story behind Ma Khin Café goes back to Burma, and this is reflected in everything we do. Our dishes are not just about food, but also a conversation between cultures that invites you to explore the diversity of Asia while you enjoy your time in Valencia.

The maternal family of Steve Anderson, chef and owner of Ma Khin Café, is of Burmese origin. The restaurant is a tribute to his great-grandmother, an excellent cook. The personal interpretation of what he calls Decolonial Food embodies the very best of two worlds, East and West. Steve, born in England but living in Valencia for over thirty years now, is one of the most highly recognized chefs and experts in southeast Asian cooking in Spain. You can find out more about his story in his book written jointly with his sister Bridget.

Eating in Valencia at Mercado de Colón: Ma Khin Café, the perfect place

So, let’s go back to the beginning: Why is Asian food finding favour with tourists and locals alike? The answer lies in its ability to take us on a culinary journey, combining flavours of southeast Asia with the essence of fresh Mediterranean produce. Each dish tells a story and each bite is an adventure. If you are in Valencia, don’t miss the opportunity to try this unique experience that will make you feel like an explorer of tastes in Valencia.

A place to share and to discover: Check out our new menu

As a taster, here is a peek at the lunchtime set menu which we will change every fortnight to keep on surprising you with new dishes. Let’s start your mouth watering.


Celery and pickle salad with sesame and ginger mayonnaise
Chicken satay with cucumber salad
Veggie, sweet potato and sesame gyozas


Pork ribs with fermented soy and pak choi
Stir-fried rice noodles with seasonal vegetables and fried shallots


Sticky rice with mango and sesame
Get ready for a feast of flavours at Mercado de Colón!

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