Can we order half-portions?

Steve Anderson en Ma Khin Café con un menú de medias raciones

Half-portions.- Back in the 1980s, when I was living in London, I got into the habit of dropping into Joy King Lao in Chinatown on Sundays for their delicious Cantonese-style dim sum. The staff would pass by with stainless steel trolleys piled high with bamboo baskets with all kinds of delicacies, mostly steamed. Succulent har gow, translucent little parcels stuffed with shrimp, and the rightly famous xiaolong bao (a dumpling filled with meat and soup that would melt in your mouth). And then, chicken feet, cheong fun (a kind of cannelloni made with rice pasta), Chinese turnip cake and of course char siu pork bao (now a best-seller at Ma Khin Café).

Joy King Lao was an experience when this word was not yet associated with restaurants. There was a waitress we called “Thatcher”, because like the Iron Maiden herself who ruled the country in those grey years, she allowed absolutely no deviation from the rules. If the basket of char siu had three pieces, there was no way you could make it four. And it was not the kind of restaurant you would go on your own, not even as a couple. The dim sum experience really calls for sharing in a group if you want to enjoy the wide offer of dishes. It would be like going for tapas on your own. If you order bravas, sepia and something else you will end asking for a doggy bag!

Flexibility, adapting to your needs, because each experience is unique

Yesterday I had the pleasure of welcoming in Ma Khin Café the head chef of a well-known vegetarian restaurant, and his partner. “The set menu looks great, but we also want to try some of the classic dishes,” he said. And of course, no problem. I suggested half-portions for starters and that way they could try the Burmese ginger salad, the broccoli salad, our oysters with kimchi, spinach samosas, sweet potato dim sum or the shrimp spring rolls. I thought that that would be enough but he insisted “we’re good eaters”, and ended up also ordering a vegetable thali and for dessert our new lighter version of mango with sticky rice. The meal was a big hit, so I would encourage you to follow his example. If there are just two of you, order half-portions of our starters and that way you get to try a wider variety of dishes.

If there are just two of you, order half-portions of our starters and that way you get to try a wider variety of dishes

At Ma Khin Café we are flexible and can adapt to your needs.

So, for instance, if you follow a gluten-free diet, or are intolerant to some ingredient, let us know and we will suggest alternative options that best adapt to your diet. Because we understand that every customer is unique, with their individual preferences, dietary needs and food restrictions and we are here to ensure that you enjoy a memorable dining experience. We aim to be a benchmark for Asian food in Valencia, and we will continue doing our best to keep it that way in everything we do.

Asian food in Valencia: An overview of the Ma Khin Café menu

If you opt for our evening menu, this week we have prepared a true explosion for your taste buds with our Valencian tomato salad with bonito marinated in soy and sesame. This dish mixes the best of local ingredients with an Asian touch, creating a combination of freshness and umami sure to hit the spot. And if you are a fan of clòtxinas, the highly appreciated local Valencian species of mussel, make sure to order our Panang clòtxinas in a delicious spicy sauce that will transport you to Thailand with each mouthful.

Our main dishes showcase our Decolonial Food philosophy with dishes following Asian recipes but using local Mediterranean produce. The korma with veal sweetbreads and cashew is a delicious combination of smooth flavours and crunchiness that is sure to delight your senses. And if you prefer a vegetarian option, our aubergine thoran with coconut and hazelnuts is an explosion of aromas and textures that will transport you directly to Asia. And if fish is your fancy, the malabar with rice kheer is an excellent choice with exotic tastes and spices from southern Indian cuisine, creating a memorable dish that will have you coming back for more.

Finally, you won’t want to leave without trying something sweet. Our pear with star anise, lime and mascarpone is the perfect end to your dining experience. A dessert that combines fresh fruit with the creaminess of mascarpone and the subtle aroma of star anise.

We invite you to this feast of flavours mixing southeast Asian food and Mediterranean fresh produce. Come and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience, where the most important thing is you.

“Going slowly,
coming nicely”