Discover the July Gran Fira de València

gran fira valencia

The Gran Fira de València transforms the city into a vibrant stage of culture, gastronomy, and entertainment

This event, celebrated annually in July, is an unmissable celebration for residents and visitors alike. 

If you’re planning to enjoy the Gran Fira de València, make sure to learn more about this fantastic event.

Immerse yourself in the Gran Fira de València

In July, folklore once again invades the streets of Valencia. Parades, regional dances, fireworks, concerts, markets, and the city’s most relevant gastronomy take center stage.

Plans and activities for children and adults take over the most prominent neighborhoods of Valencia to celebrate this new month of the year.

Discover the entire program of the Gran Fira de Juliol in València here

Complete your plan by dining in the heart of Valencia

Enjoy the experience of Valencia’s July Fair to the fullest by attending events in the city center. 

In the most prominent district of the Valencian capital, you can find a large number of events both in the morning and at night.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Gran Fira de València

When is the Gran Fira de València celebrated?
The Gran Fira de València is celebrated annually during the month of July, offering a comprehensive program of cultural and festive events.

What types of activities can I find at the Gran Fira de València?
You can enjoy parades, outdoor concerts, fireworks displays, theater performances, and much more. Fun is guaranteed for everyone!

How can I get to Mercado de Colón from the Gran Fira de València?
Mercado de Colón is located a short distance from Valencia’s historic center. You can easily reach it by public transport or on foot from the city center.